Wildlife Conservation Society

Paul Gauguin Cruises is proud to partner with WCS to bring the Soul of the South Seas to you.

WCS has been committed to saving wildlife and wild places worldwide for over 120 years. WCS aims to protect half of the planet’s biodiversity, while ensuring a positive impact on millions of people.

Ocean and marine conservation are integral to WCS’s mission. In the South Pacific, WCS works with local communities and governments to ensure that ecosystems and natural resources are sustainably managed for future generations.

WCS applies science to discover and protect the coral reefs and coastal forests of the South Pacific, which are home to thousands of precious fish, sharks, sea turtles, sea birds, plants, and other species.

Next year, WCS will educate and inspire guests aboard the m/s Paul Gauguin, through the Wildlife Discovery Series and Stewards of Nature collaborative programs.

You can help save wildlife by donating to WCS»